Blog is Finally Online!

Posted by wanchan on December 16th, 2006 filed in Weather

First post! Woo!

Heh, we still have our candles burning from just before the power finally came back on. We, along with about 700,000 of our closest friends, lost power at about 1:00am here Friday morning, and it came back on about 5:30pm Saturday (a few hours ago). I had just installed my blog software before the power went out, too, so I couldn’t play with my new toy the whole time :(

Apparently the wind storm we had Thursday night knocked out 47 neighborhood-feed power lines, which they were estimating would take 3-5 days to repair. So Friday afternoon Michi and I hit the local Sports Authority and QFC (which were still open at the time thanks to generators), and stocked up on fuel for the camp stove, dehydraded food, charcoal, bottled water, and some other misc foods. We had some awesome silver turtles last night, and had fajitas tonight. Before the power was restored, we were planning to go ahead and eat the fajita meat that Mom had so kindly carried 2500 miles from Bolner’s to us over Thanksgiving before it spoiled in the freezer. Then the power came back on. But fajitas still sounded good, so we cooked ’em anyway. This also allowed Michi to roast some marshmallows over the fire, which she had her heart set on.

So despite being largely forced to rely only on technology that hasn’t changed since the 19th century, we’ve been eating pretty well, and we got to do so with “romantic ambiance,” thanks to the candles we were using for much of our lighting. By the way, showering with just a couple of candles for light can be interesting.

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