Woo! Snow Day!

Posted by wanchan on January 11th, 2007 filed in Weather

Well, okay, I didn’t actually get the day off – that can really only happen if the power or phone grid goes down, since we all have the ability to work from home in the event of icy roads or flooding or what have you.

However, judging from the number of kids I saw out playing in the snow on my walk to work this morning, I’m guessing many (if not all) of the local schools did get the day off. There were a bunch of ’em sledding down a big hill in the park a couple blocks from my apartment. There was also a guy who was building a big snowman in the athletics field across the street from my office. By my casual estimate, that snowman must’ve been around two meters tall, and the lone guy working on it was still sculpting away. I wonder how long he’d been at it? I think I’m gonna go take a break in a little while and check it out. With luck I’ll have a pic or two of it to post later. I do have a couple of pics from last night and this morning on my phone, but I’m not sure how well they came out. I’ll try posting them tonight and we’ll find out.

All in all, we got one to two inches of snow here at the office and around my apartment; some of the people in my group have reported 6-7 inches around their homes (they’re definitly working from home today, and likely tomorrow as well). When I got home from work last night, it was snowing pretty heavily, so Michi and I went out to play in it. I built a little two foot snowman, and we exchanged a few snowballs. Good fun, to say the least.

And man was the walk to work nice this morning. Besides the fact that I love cold weather, there was a beautiful coat of fluffy snow covering everything. ‘Twas quite lovely indeed.

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