Posted by wanchan on March 23rd, 2007 filed in Martial Arts

Well, thanks to the members of the MS Martial Arts discussion group, I’ve found an iaido class, Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, and it’s even right here in Bellevue. Heck, it’s really close to the shooting range Michi and I have been frequenting. The program was recommended by several senior members of the discussion group, and I’ve wanted to formally train in iaido for a long time.

Now Murphy’s Law kicks in. The iaido classes are taught every Tuesday evening. At exactly the same time as the Toozday night anime showings I’ve been attending and enjoying with a group of fellow Microsofties. Dangit, now I essentially have to choose between two of my hobbies – anime or martial arts.

My other option, however, is to keep the anime showings and take up naginata instead of iaido. The Cascade Kendo Kai has a naginata class that meets on Saturday afternoons.

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