First visit to Tiger Mountain

Posted by wanchan on August 29th, 2010 filed in Hiking

So Michi and I finally decided to get off our backsides, and get in some hiking while the weather was still good. On recommendation from some of her coworkers, we decided to try Tiger Mountain State Forest. I expect we’ll be hitting it a lot, as in low traffic it takes ~20 minutes to get to the trailhead from our apartment.

On Saturday we hit the trail a bit after 8am, and started straight up West Tiger No. 3 Trail. That ended up being a poor decision on my party – I underestimated how badly out of shape I am. After 30 minutes of moderately steep climbing, I was pretty badly beaten. On my request, we turned back, and spent another 45 minutes or enjoying the fairly flat Around the Lake Trail, which, strangely, skirts around Tradition Lake. It’s a pretty pleasant trail, with the majority being better described as a narrow gravel road than a forest trail.

This morning we slept in a bit longer, and didn’t hit the trail until more like 10am. This time we started with the Around the Lake Trail for a warmup, but forked off at Nook Trail just before returning to the trailhead. We too Nook south for a while in a much nicer climb up a bit of West Tiger Mountain, then used Talus Rock Trail to cut back over to West Tiger No. 3 for the descent back to the trailhead.  We loaded back into the truck at about 11:30. We came home with weary legs, but happy for our morning’s exercise :D

Since our Sky shell has cancelled events this week, we’re going to try to hike something from that trailhead again tomorrow after Michi gets off work. Traffic’s gonna be inevitably much worse, but there’s only one way to find out how feasible it is to hit those trails after work ^.^b

Michi at Tradition Lake

Michi at a scenic viewpoint at Tradition Lake

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