Apparently is exclusively for WoW these days

Posted by wanchan on October 13th, 2010 filed in Video Gaming

I was perusing the Starcraft II web pages up on the other day, reading their descriptions of the various units. It’s pretty slick, and nicely informative. I found a couple of broken images on one page, so I used their support contact form to try to tell them.

…They replied to tell me that the preferred method for reporting WoW problems was to contact a GM in game.


Seriously, SCII is still pretty new, and I think it’s pretty popular. We may not have quite the number of players as WoW, but apparently we Starcrafters are literally not even worth acknowledging the existance of as users of

I didn’t really care what happened to this bug report – I was just trying to be helpful – but this is a bit insulting. Mostly I think it rubs me the wrong way because I’m still pretty upset that I *have* to connect to to play SCII. If SCII *requires* a account, why wouldn’t your support peons not be obliged to know about it?

Ah, ranting~ it’s what an unread blog is here for.

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