Humans are neat

Posted by wanchan on March 10th, 2011 filed in Uncategorized

Alt title: stereo vision is neat! There are obviously design flaws involved with having two eyes set apart being rigged to generate a single field of view – most notably when an object is close enough to my head that the scene is drastically different between the two lenses. And it does render strange visual artifacts, like being able to see my computer screen apparently *through* my hand, when it is held up in front of only one eye.

What really struck me, though, is that my brain is sufficiently well programmed that, while the strange things do render, and I consciously recognize them as strange, it doesn’t actually screw with my mind. Offhand, I’d expect that do generate more of a “holy crap wtf!” response in my brain, but it takes these things in perfect stride. No doubt because it happens many times daily, but still – humans are neat.

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