Fry’s is still awful, news at 11

Posted by wanchan on February 18th, 2014 filed in Uncategorized

Apparently when they take your order, they’re not even sure if they have the stuff yet! They won’t know that for some unspecified amount of time later, when they promise another email would be forthcoming.

I’m now at T+75 minutes since placing my order, and still no second confirmation email. In the meantime, I’ve had enough time to freaking drive down there, buy the stuff in person, and come back to work.

When I got there, they seemed really confused how this “internet ordering” thing is supposed to work. Customer service didn’t seem to know where to send me. The guy in the computer components section happily supplied my gear, but the cashier seemed really confused by my assertion that I had already paid for this stuff that’s on the counter.

“Oh, that’s not a confirmation number – you need to wait for the second email”

Yeah, not doing that. Then, when I finally talked them into just completing the order anyway, they still insisted on swiping my credit card. …what exactly was the point of making me put it into the website (complete with CVV code), then?

Seems like Fry’s isn’t in any position to provide actual competition to Amazon yet. They’re trying, I guess, but failing – it’s always *such* an ordeal to shop at Fry’s, while Amazon is happy to take my money and send me what they promised. Heck, they even know what their inventory is *before* selling me stuff.

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