St. John Day 2 – Trunk Bay

Posted by wanchan on July 1st, 2015 filed in Vacation

Historically, both Michelle and I have a mixed track record of insomnia the night after pulling an all-nighter. Our first night on St. John, we figured that would be exacerbated by the unfamiliar bed and surroundings. That fear proved unfounded – we crashed not too long after dinner and slept pretty well. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, we decided that our first day of playtime should be on Trunk Bay beach. Apparently world-famous as an excellent beach, it lived up to both its reputation and my recollections.

Trunk has a cay just off the beach, which produces an extremely sheltered patch of water in its lee. This is apparently good for coral growth, and makes for idyllic snorkeling conditions. The US National Park service has also set up a small underwater snorkeling trail there with a series of markers on the seabed describing the different kinds of coral and fish that are frequently found there.

Besides that, the beach is beautiful! Fine white sand all the way from one end to the other:


We finished the day at home, with homemade burgers on the propane grill.

Once again, I crashed early this night, partially due to the energy-draining effects of my new sunburn.

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