St. John Day 6 – Greater Lameshur Bay

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Today we slept in a bit, since our plan was to hit brunch at Miss Lucy’s, then meander up the road to Salt Pond Beach. Now, I remembered from my last trip here that Salt Pond’s trailhead was rather at the end of civilization for the island, so I was less worried about it being full by midday.

Miss Lucy’s brunch is apparenly famous, and so on the advice of an internet stranger, we showed up about 45 minutes before they opened. That proved to be a sound decision, as we were the first in line, and got the best table out in the open-air seating area.

Our table at Miss Lucy's

Our table at Miss Lucy’s

It was a beautiful morning, and I greatly enjoyed sitting in the shade, listening to the waves and wind. Eventually, one of the local cats came over to say hello:

IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0769

After an excellent brunch, we packed up to head over to Salt Pond. We passed a packed parking lot a few miles down the road, but skipped it, as I was expecting a dirt road, and an empty parking lot.

The paved road did eventually terminate into a Jeep trail. It was only occasionally maintained, it seems – there were plenty of potholes, several of which were large enough to park 4-5 jeeps in. Along those stretches, it was more pothole than road – like a sunken road with speedbumps in between to denote the end of one pothole and the start of the next.

Eventually we did come across a beach with only parking for 4-5 jeeps. We pulled over, and found a decent-looking beach, but not the spectacular one that I remembered Salt Pond being.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776

What the heck, we suited up and went snorkeling anyway. The snorkeling was pretty good – a fair number of rocky patches with fish – but the bay was not as protected as the others, and eventually Michelle decided she was done fighting the wind.

When we got home, we checked a map. That crowded parking area was Salt Pond beach’s trailhead, and the place we ended up at was Greater Lameshur Bay. We also learned that if we’d ventured a little farther down that jeep trail, we would have hit Little Lameshur Bay, which is apparently a better beach. Oh well, an adventure for another day!

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