Hi, Wanchan here. Welcome to my little corner of the ‘net.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a computer engineer from Texas who moved to Washington state.

My hobbies are fairly diverse, but kinda not.

Like the nerd I am, I actually enjoy computer programming. Heck, a good part of the reason for me establishing AbandonedFactory.net in the first place was my desire to do web coding. I have a few other projects on the back burner right now, like the Heat-Flow Simulator I started a while ago but never quite got working, the anime cataloging scripts that I had working once, but need to debug and retool, and a recipie database. I’m a computer nerd, so I’d rather have a computer database (or at least well-formatted data files) for my recipies instead of the traditional box filled with index cards :)

An interest I started when I randomly chose to start studying the Japanese language in 8th grade still persists. I enjoy learning about languages and cultures in general, and studying those of Japan have been my hobby for quite a while now. I took Japanese classes pretty much continuously from the second half of 8th grade through my high school graduation, excepting one semester when the next course I needed wasn’t offered, and one semester where I opted for early dismissal instead of signing up for Japanese 6. I didn’t usually go home, opting instead to hang out in the Japanese classroom and help Sensei out. But being officially signed up to leave early gave me the flexibility to run errands for Sensei during 4th period, so I still stand by that decision. I was Japanese Club president that year, and was, like in years past, participating in our reciprocal exchange program with Inage High School in Chiba, the annual Japanese Speech Contest, and the Japan Bowl. The Japanese club was really my primary hobby from my Sophomore year through my graduation, and I had a blast. I visited Japan twice on our exchange program, hosted Japanese students three times, made it to the National Japan Bowl once, and narrowly missed placing third once in the Japanese Speech Contest (the latter two events I participated in those last three years of high school). It was also through my friends I met in the Japanese program that I picked up my interest in anime, and they also pushed my interest in the martial arts considerably. In the end, while I’m not fluent in Japanese, it was still totally worth it, if only because I learned enough Japanese that I could survive on it if I needed to. Plus I don’t have to watch the subtitles in Japanese anime/movies as closely ^_^.

And on that note, next on the list of my nerdy hobbies is anime and manga. I enjoy both quite a bit. Anime-wise, I’m a huge fan of everything from Studio Ghibli, especially Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. My other favorites are Haibane Renmei (the source for the names “Abandoned Factory” and “Glie”), Azumanga Daioh, the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs, and Bleach. I’ll probably have a dedicated page (or possibly a whole web-application) dedicated to anime at some point. Manga-wise, I’m really enjoying Kare-Kano, Suikoden III, and wishing they’d finish importing Aria and Yotsuba&! (yes, you read right. The original title is “よつばと!” which would literally be “Yotsuba and!” or a little more loosely “With Yotsuba!”. The official US title is “Yotsuba&!”, which I think is the closest they really could get to the original in meaning, but leaves many Americans wondering how it’s stupposed to be pronounced. Hmm… this aside is getting long. I’ll have to move it elsewhere when I have a dedicated manga page or something).

Anyway, next hobby. Martial arts. I’ve had training in a number of different schools and styles over the years, ranging from jujutsu and aikido in elementary school, to kendo, tai chi and kung fu in college. See the dedicated page for the details on Wanchan’s Martial Arts background.

And last but not least is camping/hiking/backpacking. I can’t wait for the spring thaw. Michi and I only got out for one backpacking trip last fall, and it was great!